Blenders and Beyond Photo 1
Blenders and Beyond Photo 1

Looking for a sweet treat after dinner or to cool off on a hot day? Blenders & Beyond, the new smoothie & ice cream shop in East Wallace can help!

Blenders & Beyond began as an idea of 14 year old Tessa Spicer after attending a Juniorpreneur summer camp put on by CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development) in which she and two fellow campers created a business plan for a smoothie shop. At the end of the week the campers brought their planning to fruition and created a one day, pop-up shop in New Glasgow. Tessa got the bug and thought, I could do this for real.

She planned on opening in 2020 – and although things got a little crazy she didn’t give up. Through the pandemic she (with the help of mom and dad) planned, purchased appliances and a building, did renovations and learned the ins and outs of getting permits, suppliers and contractor help.
It finally all came together and her shop; Blenders & Beyond is now open at 14889 Hwy 6 in East Wallace offering smoothies, milkshakes, slushies, sundaes and ice cream!

Tessa is a busy girl and loves to get involved. She is interested in drama and music and has her eye on becoming a broadcast journalist. She spends a lot of her time learning new instruments (electric guitar is her focus at the moment), writing songs and performing in local theatre productions.

She is a hard working, conscientious student and a member of a variety of school and community groups. She plays basketball and was a member of the school track team and student council. She has been a member of the local Girl Guide troop since she was 4, sings with the Tatamagouche and Area Singers, performs with The North Shore Players and has recently been accepted to a summer youth program at Neptune Theatre.

When not performing Tessa loves to go on back road adventures and has been on pretty much every road and public beach in Nova Scotia. Tessa has chosen to carry Central Smith ice cream which provides a variety of flavours: some classics (vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough, mint chip fudge), some new twists on old favorites (orange pineapple with a light almost orange sherbet base) and some unique new tastes like lavender lemonade, Reese’s pieces, Monster Cookie, S’mores G’lore and Algonquin canoe.

The flavours at the shop will be rotating throughout the summer to allow her customers to experience all that Central Smith has to offer. Tessa’s summer scoopers (shop workers) are, like her, busy young teens who enjoy getting involved in their school and community. To this end Tessa has decided to donate a portion of her profits to local charities and programs so that children and youth in the area will continue to have the opportunities she has had.

Drop by Blenders & Beyond, Tessa and her scoopers will be smiling and ready to serve you some amazing summer treats.

Blenders and Beyond Photo 1