December 5, 2023
Gas pump nozzle in Amherst NS

Nova Scotians are understandably growing more and more frustrated with the climbing cost of fuel. Cumberland North MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin is hearing from people across the province about how daily requirements- like travel to work- are leaving many people with worry looming over their heads about how far they can stretch each pay cheque. Many questions were asked by opposition members during the spring sitting in the Legislature. To which every response by both Ministers and the Premier had little information about what they are specifically going to do but did assure Nova Scotians they are listening.

Gas pump nozzle in Amherst NS

     Smith-McCrossin believes the time for action is long overdue. “I am calling on the provincial and federal governments to take immediate steps to help Nova Scotians and Canadians with the overwhelming price of fuel,” states Smith-McCrossin, “The high price of fuel is a cash cow for both levels of government simply because the taxes they collect are padding government coffers on the backs of hardworking people.”

Price shown on gas pump Amherst NS

     Smith-McCrossin wants to see the government immediately remove the HST and carbon tax and lower the Provincial Motive Fuel Tax rates. “We all understand the global market is what drives these prices, and even if the Province did this for the people of the Province on a temporary basis, it would mean relief for the people who are struggling desperately,” comments Smith-McCrossin, “it’s time to stand up for the people of our province.”