Little League Ball Field and the Amherst Armouries

A donation request by the Dr. & Mrs. H.E. Christie Foundation that will help this community’s youth and a local museum was approved by the Amherst town council when it met on Monday, June 27, 2022.
The foundation asked the town to receive a $13,120 donation from it with the proviso that a corresponding $8,000 grant be given to Amherst Little League Baseball and a $5,120 grant be given to the Cumberland County Military Museum.

Donation to the Amherst Little League Field. Photo of Fields by Nova Social Media & Marketing
Donation to the Amherst Military Museum. Photo from inside the Amherst Armouries by Nova Social Media & Marketing

Provincial regulations prevent the two organizations from accepting funds directly from the foundation as they are not registered charities. However, because the town is a registered charity, the regulations do allow it to accept the donation and pass it on to the respective organizations. The town has done this in the past, and like previous occasions, the transactions will assist Amherst youth with improved access to programs and will help in the preservation of local history.

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