September 25, 2022
MP Dr. Stephen Ellis & Family
MP Dr. Stephen Ellis & Family

I have been sworn in officially as a Member of Canada’s 44th Parliament. To say this is a great honour is an understatement.
As your elected Member of Parliament I will listen to the voices of my constituents and ensure their concerns are taken with me to Ottawa. With me in their corner the people of Cumberland-Colchester can be assured I will always do the best I can to ensure that everyone’s voice and concerns are heard.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped and supported me like my family, close friends, colleagues, staff, and volunteers. I would also like to thank all my amazing constituents in Cumberland-Colchester for placing their trust in me as their voice in this role of Member of Parliament. I look forward to fighting for Canadians so that they can live their version of the Canadian Dream.

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