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Pugwash Hospital Recruitment

It is no secret that the recent global health crisis has put our healthcare system here in Cumberland under even more strain than it was before. But the team at the North Cumberland Memorial Hospital in Pugwash are doing everything in their power to help their community by promoting the region to potential healthcare professionals.

They have had a new website created for their recruitment efforts, which can be viewed at pugwashhealthcare.ca. The website includes information about the beautiful village of Pugwash and all the incredible things to do in the surrounding areas. The website, which was created by Cumberland County based media company Nova Social Media & Marketing, also includes information about the hospital, it’s history, and some of the career opportunities that are available at the hospital.

Dr. Peter Blaikie is a family physician at the hospital and has been practicing here almost 30 years. One of the things he is most excited about is the brand-new healthcare facility that is being built right beside the old hospital. He said “I would say to any physician considering coming here, it is an exciting time in Pugwash. Our new healthcare facility is no longer a dream, it is a reality, it’s being built behind us…. We couldn’t be any more excited about that.”

As a delightful visual accompaniment to the website, a video was created that interviewed 6 members of the NCMH team, and included nurses, doctors and their leadership team. Their passion for their work, their hospital and their community is evident throughout the entire video, and they were happy to share an abundance of reasons why other professionals should come and join their team. The video that was shot by Nova Social Media and included so many incredible scenes of Pugwash and the surrounding area. We saw shots of the waterfront and newly renovated Eaton Park.

We saw stunning drone clips of world-famous Thinkers Lodge perched perfectly on the waters edge. We took a tour around town that included Cross Roads, Cheryl’s Bakery and the Pugwash Farmers’ Market. We even saw shots of the perfectly manicured Northumberland Links golf course and people joyously kayaking in the waters that surround this beautiful village. After watching this video, it is so easy to see why anyone would want to call this place home. There is so much to see and do and explore, so we anticipate the visitors to the area will continue to increase as word gets out about this hidden gem.
We are sure that when healthcare professionals from around Canada and the world see what an incredible community this is, and the cultural mosaic of people that bring even more vibrancy to the village, that it will be hard for them to stay away.

The site manager for the North Cumberland Memorial Hospital, Barbie Cook, is also featured in the video, and as a plea to professionals considering the area, she said “Pugwash is one of those communities that you can fall in love with within minutes of arriving. This is the perfect time to join our team here in Pugwash. Not only do you have the chance to live in the most beautiful place in the world, with every opportunity, but you also have the full support of not only your co-workers, but also of the entire community around you. So what are you waiting for?”

Would you like to support the recruitment effort? Here’s how you can: Click HERE to go to the video. Then, share the video on your Facebook page. That’s it! We all have friends outside of Cumberland County, and perhaps even Nova Scotia and Canada, so when you share this video it gives people all around the world the opportunity to learn what an incredible community we have here, and hopefully it entices some of them to join us.

Way to go Team Pugwash – we are already making plans for our next visit to this incredible village, so we look forward to seeing you there!