Amherst Windmills Sunset
Amherst Windmills Sunset

The Amherst town council strongly supports the move towards greener energy production, but it is seeking more details about a proposed large-scale, wind energy project proposed by Capstone Infrastructure Corp. The company, which sought support for the project from the town earlier this spring, is proposing a second wind turbine project near the existing windmills on the marsh that are located just outside the town boundary.

In a letter from the Town of Amherst to the company, approved at a special session of council on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, and signed by Mayor David Kogon, the town noted it has a long history of supporting wind energy and other green energy projects. However, before the council could provide its support for this new wind energy project, the letter states the town requires the company to address several concerns. Council wants to be assured that:

• The turbines would be at least the same distance away from the town boundary as the existing windmills are and if the turbines for the new project are larger or higher, then they would be located even further away from the town boundary.

• An acceptable construction plan would be put in place that does not utilize town streets and if the use of a town street was required during the construction phase, the company would create an access utilization plan that must be approved by the town. The plan would include scheduling the use of the street, a daily cleanup of the street that was paid for by the company and a promise to repair any damage done to the street.

• An acceptable decommissioning plan would be established.

• A local flora and fauna study would be completed and complied with.

~ Contributed by the Town of Amherst

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