September 25, 2022
Cumberland Crushers Logo
Cumberland Crushers Logo

The Cumberland Crushers was started in 2010 by Paul Atkinson to give young athletes that didn’t have a team to play on, a place to develop their skills as basketball players. In 2018, the Crushers changed to the Cumberland Crushers Basketball Club. That is when the club started to run Jr. NBA camps for young athletes aged 5-12. By 2020, the Crushers grew from 12 athletes to 100 athletes in the club.

When asked about the effect that Covid has had on the Cumberland Crushers Basketball Club, President and coach Mike Ortiz said this: “Over the last 2 years, we were forced to cancel our developmental programs. But we still have 22 young athletes who are committed to improving their basketball skills. More importantly, they do their best to just be good people. I believe that being a part of a team is so much more than being able to win basketball games. It offers young people a chance to develop sportsmanship, integrity, character, social skills, and build lifelong friendships. Through participation in Cumberland Crushers Basketball, we strive to reach these goals and to build a sense of community among our families and friends.”

This season the Cumberland Crushers Basketball Club has two girls’ basketball teams. These teams are made up of athletes from all of Cumberland County. The under 12 Crushers are coached by Sam Alick of Springhill. Julia Sharpe, Sofia Ortiz, Jasmine Wood, Charley Harrison, Miyah Harrison, Kiley Nicholson, Macy Hunter, Abbigail Henderson, Keira Margeson, Annabelle Mackey, Reese Lockhart make up the roster. The u14 girls are coached by Mike Ortiz, Joe Reade, and Jason Dickie. Lynsey Gallagher, Sara-Beth Hatton, Lily Marsman, Ray Ortiz, Emma Reade, Lily Dickie, Grace Hampel, Annika Thompson, Olivia Millias, Maddie Chisholm, Kenzie Matheson make up the roster. Both teams will be competing at Provincials in their respective divisions in early May.

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