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Looking for some tips and tricks to help with the daunting task of cleaning up this spring? Here are 5 tips and tricks from our readers around the county.

Spring Hacks Image

Tip 1. Ready to tackle some of that pet hair that has taken over your carpets over the winter? Use a window squeegee, it is a great tool for more than just windows, as it will help scrape pet hair from your carpet or rug by gripping and pulling the hairs out.

Tip 2. Wrap a towel over your broom to clean hard-to-reach places like cobwebs in corners or dust on ceiling fans. Wipe them away by securing a towel over the bristle end of a broom with a large rubber band.

Tip 3. Clean your microwave by heating lemon juice and rinds in water. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into 1/2 cup of water and drop the rinds into the mixture. Microwave for three minutes and let it stand for five minutes without opening the door. The trapped steam will loosen the grime, so you can wipe the microwave clean with less elbow grease.

Tip 4. Shine stainless steel appliances with baby oil.

Tip 5. Dust your house with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets collect dust and leave behind a residue that actually repels dust, which means dust won’t settle back onto the surface you just cleaned with a dryer sheet for a couple days.

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